About Our Testimonials

We take our clients’ privacy and trust seriously. As such, we have taken care to protect their identities through anonymization. All testimonials listed below are direct quotes from our customers. Adjustments are limited to those needed to remove personally identifying information.

“You have graciously and without hesitation carried out each maintenance task that was asked of you by myself and/or my team with great professionalism and dependability. I will always remember your willingness to assist with the needs of our facility without hesitation. You are able to prioritize your duties with precise ease. Your attention to detail must be commended. The professionalism of your subordinates and colleagues are also to be commended.”

“While I continue to be impressed by the dedication of USF personnel to their overall responsibilities, as well as their unwavering perseverance to complete each task at a high level of quality, it is truly the teamwork and communication efforts between USF managers, on-site personnel, and our staff members and representatives that reaffirms our paramount choice of USF as a service provider.”

“U.S. Facilities has always been dependable, straightforward, and honest. They have been a true partner with us in the management of our complex and have worked with my staff and me to provide quality services to our tenants.”

“Thank you for the recap and progress this week – we’re definitely heading in a better direction after the recent adjustments; especially around USF local leadership – we appreciate the efforts. Special acknowledgement and appreciation for your staff building effective relationships with our end users and delivering effective/tangible results. Please keep up the intensity and we look forward to continuous improvement in the quest for excellence.”

“I want to commend your managers, carpenters, electricians, plumber, locksmith, etc. that provided me with prompt, courteous and professional services.   I found your staff to be knowledgeable and responsive as issues arose.  I also want to express my appreciation for the excellent and friendly services the custodial and security staff rendered during renovation work.”

“I’m mustering out today, retiring (this time for good). I thought I’d fire off a note to express my high opinion of your operation and the system and the people you have for keeping on top of things here. Job well done, in my humble opinion!”

“You and your staff have gone above and beyond your responsibilities and it is greatly appreciated. If not for your help, I would have had to send the items back which would have caused me an unwanted delay. Service like yours is rare these days. Thank you so much for going to such great lengths to make sure I received my delivery. Once again, I thank all of you for your help!!”

“The increased awareness and commitment to maintaining a culture of safety has resulted in a reduction of lost work time injuries at our Headquarters and enhanced the quality of our workplace.”

“I want to send you a note of appreciation towards the staff. The facilities staff has been overwhelmingly supportive and accommodating. They are always cheerful and professional and have helped us problem solve everything from water access to taking photos from above. We could not have had such a smooth installation without their guidance. Daily your staff keeps an extra eye on things and keeps everything tidy. I’ve noticed them making sure everything is in good shape. We couldn’t be more grateful. Your staff is exceptional. Thank you!”

“I believe we have the responsibility to recognize a Contractor when they exceed Safety expectations to the extent that U.S. Facilities has done over many years. Being very safety conscious for some of the most dangerous work carried on daily around very old machinery and equipment. They have not had a lost work day accident in over 15 years working at the facility. Having weekly safety meetings and working as a team have contributed to their Safety record. They constantly take pride in their safety record but realizing at the same time to never let their guard down by becoming overconfident.”