Our Commitment to Sustainability

USF’s policy is to conduct our work in a manner that protects our client’s interest and operate with integrity in caring for our communities and respecting our environment. Strong environmental performance contributes to a reduction of health problems and operational costs, improved indoor air quality, improved productivity and quality of work, improved employee retention and improved worker morale.

We are fully committed to minimizing our operational impact on the environment and endeavor to be a vigilant corporate steward of the environment and to encourage our partners and employees to use sustainable practices at home and in their communities.  

USF is committed to implementing environmentally sustainable best practices and aims to minimize its impact on the environment by sharing this commitment with employees and influencing partners to encourage responsible behavior.  

We comply with environmental regulations applicable to activities under USF management and promote energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimization, and recycling.

USF is a proponent of sustainable initiatives, achieved by: