USF is dedicated to conducting business with integrity, caring for our communities and respecting our environment.

We work with clients to retrofit their facilities to achieve energy and natural resource conservation goals designed to meet many of the rigorous national standards of sustainable operations and maintenance practices and programs.

In addition to using rating systems and programming from U.S. Green Building Council, International Facility Management Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a framework, USF:

• Practices preventive maintenance, and reduce lighting, heating and cooling in unoccupied areas
• Manage, document, and report sustainable operations, goals, and achievements
• Create healthy indoor environments
• Purchase sustainable services and products
• Promote experts through various accreditation programming

Through our partners & suppliers we endeavor to:

• Use non-volatile organic compound (no VOC) products
• Study recycling/food waste streams and shipping/packaging to cut waste
• Use sustainable materials for packaging
• Use data and technology to reduce redundant activity

Through our ongoing sustainability initiative, USF encourages its employees to volunteer in the community through sponsored activities, and to practice resource conservation initiatives at home.