Sales Incentives

US Facilities has found that our best sales people and our strongest advocates are our Employees, our Subcontractor Partners and our Client Partners. USF has developed a program to compensate our strongest advocates for their sales assistance through the "Everybody Sells" program.

We believe that the "Everybody Sells" program is an excellent way to compensate our current and future Employees, our Client Advocates, and other companies who work with us to provide quality services to those Clients, for the opportunities they provide that contribute to the future sales growth of USF.

If you know of someone who may be interested in our facility management or infrastructure support services, have a good contact at a Fortune 1000 company, formerly worked at a company that could use our services, or if you know of a good sales opportunity for USF, we will ask that you help us get to the table so we can present our case for how we can help that company improve the quality of their facility services while saving money through our Continuous Improvement Program.

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