USF Quality Control Program

Total Quality Management

USF is committed to the principles of Total Quality Management and has in place a management system with a goal of assuring that the quality of the services we provide exceeds customer expectations. Our Quality Control Program identifies deficiencies, trends in service delivery, and work performance before it comes to the attention of the customer.

Technology and Documentation

The management system provides standards, monitoring methods and auditing procedures for all operations. It is designed for continuous quality improvement through open and frequent communications with our customers, empowerment of our employees to act in the best interests of our customers, training in the latest technologies and safe operations and an employee recognition system to reward excellence in performance.


The management system requires high quality standards for the products and services provided by suppliers and a recorded evaluation of them are maintained and used to assure total project quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of prime importance and building occupants are asked to evaluate our services. These evaluations are directly tied to performance metrics. Suggestions for improvement are given immediate attention and incorporated into our continuous quality improvement program.