U.S. Facilities has a heritage of providing high-quality facility operations, maintenance and support services that dates back to 1967. Today, we are regarded in the industry as one of the most capable and reliable providers of such services.

Message From The President

Thank you for visiting our website. It serves to introduce U.S. Facilities to you, and present an overview of our corporation and to provide a communications link for the lifeblood of our business; our customers, employees and suppliers both present and future.

U.S. Facilities was originally founded in 1967 as Halifax Technical services. In 2002, U.S. Facilities completed a management led buyout and we renamed and retooled the business. Our decades of experience has allowed us to refine an industry leading service delivery model which has resulted in a 95% retention rate of our client base and since 2002 we have more than tripled the size of our company.

With more than 800 employees (direct and subcontracted), state of the art technologies and sustainable solutions, U.S. Facilities can tailor programs to meet the specific and unique needs of our diverse client base. Whether we are operating and maintaining the most state of the art command and control center that secures our nationís capital or operating and maintaining critical transportation infrastructure for our nationís highways, bridges and tunnels, U.S. Facilities can develop a comprehensive solution to exceed the requirements of our customers.

We look forward to serving our existing clients for many years to come and to serving new clients well into the future. Thank you again for visiting our website and most importantly, thank you to our customers and employees who are the foundation for our success.

Jim Dobrowolski, President & CEO
U.S. Facilities